Excellon Idaho Gold

Excellon Idaho Gold is a U.S. company incorporated in the State of Idaho. As a subsidiary of Excellon Resources Inc., Excellon Idaho Gold embraces the same vision and values of its parent company.

Idaho’s vast lands are home to an abundance of untapped wealth and critical minerals that are vital to a sustainable future. We are proud to be stewards of the land, the water, and the communities we serve as we explore the possibilities that the Gem State has to offer. With our modern exploration techniques, we are committed to responsible use of our natural resources so we can invest in the people of Clark County and the great state of Idaho, while minimizing any impact on the environment.

Shawn Howarth

President & CEO, Excellon Resources

Our vision is to create wealth by realizing strategic opportunities through discipline and innovation for the benefit of our employees, communities and shareholders.

We are focused on exploring for precious metals – gold and silver – which are increasingly critical for the global monetary system and all of the developing technologies that we enjoy and need to sustainably electrify the world.

Our approach to exploration is intensely scientific – we analyze before we act – and relies on the latest in remote sensing and geophysical techniques. This approach allows us to explore for, find and define big deposits in as minimally invasive a manner as possible. We look to create maximum value while minimizing waste.

Great projects require patience and the discipline to advance them at the appropriate pace. In Idaho, we are focused on a responsible step-by-step process to realize a project that can deliver value to all stakeholders.

Commitment to Sustainability  

Excellon applies the globally recognized Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) standard to all operations. TSM is a sustainability program that supports mining companies in managing key environmental and social risks. TSM was the first mining sustainability standard in the world to require site-level assessments. Through TSM, eight critical aspects of social and environmental performance are evaluated, independently validated, and publicly reported against 30 distinct performance indicators.

Excellon’s role is to responsibly meet society’s needs for minerals, metals, and energy products. To achieve this we engage in the exploration, discovery, development, production, distribution, and recycling of these products. We believe our opportunities to contribute to and thrive in the economies in which we operate must be earned through a demonstrated commitment to sustainable development.

Our application of TSM is above and beyond what is expected and required of mining projects in the U.S. and will increase the environmental sustainability of the Kilgore Project.